1st Round of Contest Rules Released!

by Angie on August 29, 2011

Hey there Survivor Crop Peeps!! This is one of your Emcees, Elizabeth….and the time has come to get ya’ll rolling on the Contests! Our first Post will be the Altered Bra Contest and the Paint Can Swap.  These are both  Survivor Crop Favorites!! My Fabulous Co-Emcee Miss Erin Payne will be posting another Contest and its guidelines next week…so be looking for it! and if you are as inpatient as me…you can contact your Island Hostess for the inside scoop!


Altered Bra Contest…

Okay Ladies, for the last few years we have had a lot of fun at Survivor Crop with Altered Art. It’s amazing to me the ideas you come up with.  Creativity and talent are definitely NOT lacking at these events! This year we are bringing back the Altered Bra Contest.  Melissa Francis started this for the 2008 Summer CHA.  Last year the winners took home an awesome prize for their hard work!  So get out your bling, glitter, rhinestones, ribbon and whatever else you can scrounge together and alter a fabulous bra!


1: Purchase a new Bra please. Any cheap bra will do. You can use any size or any color…it’s up to you! 

2: Decorate your Bra with anything you want! If you are looking for ideas or you need an example…there are bras from last year’s event hanging at Ever After.
3: You may adhere, sew or iron on…or whatever you fancy! It’s your creation…as long as your supplies can stay on the bra while your bra is hanging up for judging.
4: Your Bra can be made anytime from now up until the event.  A deadline will be announced at the Event. (Yes you may turn in your entry the morning of the Event at Ever After.)
5: Entries will be judged by the participants at Survivor Crop.  There will be NO categories this year. You will be judging specifically on the Altered Bra you like the most!  

6: This is the most important rule!!!  Have Fun with it!!!!!!!!


Paint Can Swap

 Each Participant will purchase a 1 gallon Paint Can.  You can find these at Lowes..or Craft Stores…Scrapbook Stores..or Home Depot. These cans will NOT have paint in them!! Please purchase an empty can that has never had paint in it before.  Some are metal…and some are plastic with a metal lid. The idea is to decorate your can…using any Theme that you wish. In the past We, the Committee have seen Halloween, Birthday, Christmas, Breast Cancer Survivor..the list goes on and on. Be creative and come up with a really cool can.  Now wait….you’re not done!!! After your can is decorated…you will fill it with Scrapbook or Craft goodies!  It’s totally up to you, all we ask is that you spend a minimum of $15 dollars(including the 5 dollar can) and a maximum of $20 dollars. Also we ask that you include a small letter of encouragement for whoever your can goes to. Remember…it’s nice to add scrapbook or Craft Items…but it doesn’t have to be. Be Creative!!!

 At the Event, we will call everyone up and the cans will be placed on Stage. We will randomly select names and you will choose a new can to take home.

 This Swap is sure to be a hit again this year!! Have a blast with it and fill them with goodies that you would love to see in the Can you pick! It’s a win/win situation!!!!


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